How to Design a Ping Pong Table With Blueprints

Playing sports is very important for just about everyone, this is because playing any sort of sport keeps your body in shape and ensures that you go on and stay fit.

However, some people would much rather play indoor sports, as compared to outdoors one. Now for these people, the best sport to play is ping pong.

Despite the fact that many think it isn’t a very hard sport to play, it can prove to get very competitive, you should not manage to improve your skills.

Now most people go out and buy their first table tennis table, on which to practice and start playing. However, what these people don’t realize, is the fact that they can easily create their own table at home via the usage of some blue prints and not only does this help them save money, but it also ensures that they aren’t hustled when buying a table.


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    The first thing that you need to do, is to go out and find some blueprints to build the table. This is going to be hard to do, since not many people have their construction prints lying around. Now you can always get the official measurements and sizing guide for a table online, so if you can’t find the prints go ahead and just get these numbers.

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    Now go out and buy all the supplies that you will need to build the table. A MDF board should prove to be good enough to be the main surface of the board, while the other parts should be easy to find as well.

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    Paint the MDF board green, and then add two coats to ensure that it has a smooth surface to it. You need to let this dry before doing anything else.

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    Now use the official measurements and electric tape to get the lines down on the table. You can opt to get these lines painted on, but using tape might be a better idea.

    Get some clamps to help you set up the net, which should be fairly simple to place on the table and attach to it.

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    Now as far as the legs go, you can choose not to have any and use a table to place the ping pong table on, or you could build some legs, or a device to hold the board up and in place.

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