How to Develop a Reading Habit

Many people have problems with reading. However, it is extremely important to develop good reading habits in order to get a decent education and to improve your analytical and reasoning skills. You cannot become a good student or a competent professional until or unless you have good reading skills.

It is not very difficult to develop a reading habit. All you need is to find a little time in your everyday routine to read a book. You can read any book of your choice. As time goes by, you will be able to become a good reader.

Things Required:

– Books


  • 1

    Select a book

    If you are a beginner, it is extremely important for you to select a good book. Never go for a difficult book in the beginning. Find a book which you can easily understand. In this way, you will feel motivated and encouraged. Usually, a book containing short stories is considered as the best choice for a starter. Try to read short stories by Jeffrey Archer. On the other hand, if you are fond of reading essays, you can start to read with those. Important thing is that you just have to develop a tendency and an inclination towards reading.

  • 2

    Practice your reading habit

    After some time, you have to sharpen your reading skills by practising your habit. Assign a reasonable amount of time everyday to read different types of books. You must spend at least 20 minutes to half an hour in reading with full concentration. After some time, you will be able to comprehend things easily and then you can even move to novels and other forms of literature.

  • 3

    Never feel under pressure

    Sometimes, it is difficult to understand a composition which can pressurise your mind. However, you must never feel obligated to read. Just go through the composition repeatedly and again and take assistance from a thesaurus and dictionary.

  • 4

    Don’t forget to go through the table of contents

    You must go through the table of contents before reading any book. In this way, you will be able to get some initial knowledge about the book and can assess whether it is worth reading or not.

  • 5

    Read book reviews

    Another way of assessing whether a book is worth reading or not is to read reviews by different writers and experts. You can easily find the reviews regarding any book on the internet or in the first few pages of the book.

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