How to Develop Voice over Exercises

Voice is a vital part of our lives because without it we cannot communicate and express our emotions. Voice affects overall health. It is important to protect the vocal cords if you see a career in singing.

To learn how to use your vocal cords to a 100 percent, you will need to give a lot of time and effort. Persistence and work, regular training and constant effort can bring positive changes in your voice. So, we should not underestimate the importance of human voice and take necessary measures to develop it.


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    Learn how to breathe properly. Practice using different techniques for breathing, as well as lessons for the development of the diaphragm. You should know about your voice range without putting pressure on your ligaments beyond their natural capacity.

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    To develop voice or to increase the quality of your singing voice, always perform necessary workout. Singing exercise will give you a richer and less stressful sound.

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    Use your thumb for a massage. Gently massage the neck from side to side, allowing the vocal cords to relax, thereby putting less stress on them when you start to sing. To create a softer voice, place your thumb on the muscle between the neck and chin but closer to the chin until you feel the bone.

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    In order to retain ligament elasticity, you can use a variety of teas and infusions. For example, carrot and milk. Take 500 ml of milk and a couple of carrots. Pour the carrot in a jar filled with milk. Wait until it becomes soft. Strain the resulting liquid and try take 2 tsp three times a day.

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    Try to eat something spicy before doing any given exercise. To some extent, this technique helps to relax the vocal cords, creating a feeling as if you were silent for a while. If you cannot eat spicy foods, drink tea with mint.

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