How to Discipline a Child without Yelling

Disciplining children is no doubt a challenging job for parents. Some parents find themselves feeling increasingly short-tempered, and in order to discipline their children, they end up resorting to yelling. However, this hasty act can have a host of negative consequences. In order to discipline your child properly, and make sure that you contribute positively to their upbringing, and refrain from yelling.


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    If you find yourself yelling a lot, you have to learn to break the habit and it is best to do this while your children are young and you still have a chance to change your ways. You cannot blame your child for yelling at other people if that is what you are teaching them. When the child is young, you need to learn how to control your temper. If you are experiencing an anxious feeling or you feel like you are going to start yelling, give yourself a little time out.

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    Consider walking out to another room and count to 10 whenever you feel your temper rising because of your children. If you are not at home and have no way to walk away from the situation, stop and take a couple of deep breaths where you stand. You need to be aware of how you are feeling. If you never take the time to think about what is going on, you will lose it and just end up yelling.

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    When you see your child doing something wrong and against the rules you have laid down for them, you should try to talk to your child in a calm voice. Tell them to stop whatever they are doing and that they need to listen to what you are telling them. If they continue with their tantrum, then it is time for a time out in the corner. No matter what anyone tells you, time outs do work as a disciplinary tactic; however, you have to start when they are young and teach them that this is their punishment for disrespecting their mother or father.

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