How to Discourage Root Knot Nematodes in the Garden

Root Knot Nematodes are tiny worms that basically attach themselves to the roots of various plants and cause serious issues in your garden. These nematodes weaken and deform plants, especially vegetables by tangling and swelling their roots. This prevents your plants from getting the proper nutrients. Since nematodes are microscopic and attack the roots, they can go unnoticed until your plants begin to show signs of damage. Failure to control these nematodes can result in the loss of most plants. If you have a garden then removing and preventing Root Knot Nematodes is crucial to ensure the health of your plants.


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    Buying clean healthy plants

    If you buy clean and healthy plants, you can avoid getting nematodes in your garden. However, if you want to discourage root knot nematodes in your already planted vegetables and other kinds of plants, you should make sure that you clean your garden soil from old roots and debris. You should also mulch your garden soil as it will also help in avoiding these troublesome creatures. Not only just mulching, but overall cleanliness of your garden certainly gives a good outlook of your planted vegetables. Rotation of your crops will also not attract nematodes and other types of worms. You can also grow plants which are not susceptible to nematodes.

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    Use French marigold

    French marigold will work as a guard against nematodes and other types of worms. Research has shown that French marigold not only looks good in the garden but it also prevents nematodes from growing.

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    Soil sterilization

    Soil sterilization will also help you in avoiding nematodes. There are many types of methods available in the market to sterilize your garden soil. One way of sterilizing soil is to spread black plastic over the bare soil. You can find this at any gardening type store in large quantities.

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    Remove and replace soil

    Removing and replacing the soil is also a very good idea for getting rid of nematodes from your garden. Though many say that most pesticides are highly toxic but now some pesticides guarantee removal of all types of nematodes. Be sure to read the label of the pesticide to see if it is safe for your particular type of garden. Also, visit a nursery and ask someone there for their advice on how to remove nematodes from your plants. They will be in a better position to guide you  with all the latest natural techniques that are currently being used.

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