How to Do a Flip Pass in Roller Hockey

Hockey has become one of the most widely played games in the entire world and with the following of the game getting even better with the passing days; many believe that they can pursue their careers in this game. In the early ninety’s hockey had taken a real stance in the world of sports but after some time with the increase in the money being invested in the other games, hockey’s progress was stalled. A flip pass in roller hockey is one of the basic techniques and it is discussed down here.


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    Many players are looking to play hockey these days as the fame of the game has reached new levels and the game of hockey has again re surfaced to get the attention of the people around the world. The hockey league has been established at a fair enough level now and many professional players are entering the game because of this. A lot of youngsters are also entering the game because the money induction in the game has also increased, hence a lot of clubs are being formed which provide training to the players that they have at their disposal and prepare them for the league actions.

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    One of the most basic things in the game of hockey is the pass. There are a number of types of the pass and one of these is the flip pass. A flip pass is a modified type of pass that can be made to find your teammate when you are struck and can’t play a simple pass. The pass is simple yet is very catchy to the eyes as the player must have a lot of practice on how to make such a pass to his teammate.

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    The most important thing to do is to get the execution in the pass right and this will only come up fine when you have done a lot of practice in the case of making this perfect pass. First of all you have to spot that where your teammate is. Your team mate must also have a knowing somehow that you are going to pass him the ball with a flip pass. Now once the things are all set, you have to invert your hockey and sweep it on the ground so that it hits the ball right in the middle of the blade of the hockey and the ball reaches your person after a flip.

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