How to Do a Front Kick In Kickboxing

Kickboxing is famous, along with other combat sports such as martial arts and judo karate in different countries across the world. It is arguably one of the best combat sports in the world.

Mastering the art of kickboxing not only demands a lot of time and effort but also requires guidance from a person that can properly train you. Follow some easy techniques if you want to learn how to do a front kick in kickboxing.


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    You need to work on your footwork because this is the most important component of this sport. The direction of your shoulders and footwork can dodge your opponent. So, always focus on these things before trying to hit your opponent.

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    It is recommended to use a punching bag in order to increase the hitting accuracy and force of impact. Try to strike the punching bag at least 300 times, increasing the pace and strength of the kicks constantly. Ask for a partner or coach to hold it for you so it does not wobble. Respond to all his or her instructions regarding your technique and increase the speed and force of your hits.

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    When you start feeling that your legs have become stronger, ask the teacher to hold the punching bag, putting both hands on the boxing paws. Now try to kick the punching bag with combinations. It is desirable to start hitting the punching bag with a slow pace and gradually increase the force and speed. It is recommended to spend 30-40 minutes performing this exercise during training.

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    You need to spend more time in the gym and practice your front kick technique. The goal is to increase accuracy and increase impact power.

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