How to Do a Frontside Back Roll on a Wakeboard

Extreme sports may not be a conventional sport, but the amount of thrill that it delivers is undoubtedly huge. Wakeboarding fully lives up to the repute that extreme sports have built for itself, with more and more people taking on the sport.

There are a number of ways to enjoy wakeboarding, one of which is to perform tricks with the help of the wake, which is a trail left in water by the moving boat with which the line is connected. There are a number of relatively simple tricks for you to learn. However, if you have already learned the basic tricks, then you would definitely want to learn a more advanced tricks such as a frontside back roll.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to move yourself away from the wake. Moving out by 10 to 15 feet should be enough for the purpose of performing a frontside back roll. Remember to ride on your toe side and maintain your balance.

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    Keep riding on the edge closer to the wake for a while and mentally prepare yourself for the trick. There is no need to rush things. Do not let go of your concentration.

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    After riding on the edge of the wakeboard that is closer to the wake, start coming in towards the wake swiftly. Remember to focus on maintaining your balance while cutting towards the wake.

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    When you hit the wake, make sure your weight is well-centred. You will not be able to get the proper elevation if you are not careful and end up leaning too far backward or forward. Balance is something that plays a key role in the successful execution of any trick on the wakeboard, not just the frontside back roll.

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    As you are about to launch into the air off the wake, point the nose end of your wakeboard in the upward direction, away from the boat, as you begin to rise.

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    As you begin to gain elevation after launching into the air off the wake, throw your head back. If you are ride the wakeboard with your left foot forward, look over your right shoulder and if you are riding with your right foot forward, then look over your left shoulder.

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    If you have thrown your body backwards properly, you will find yourself rolling in the air. The execution of the trick also depends on the line being properly loaded.

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    Do not let go of your balance even while you are soaring through the air.

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    As you land, bend your knees a little to absorb the impact of the landing.

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