How to Do a Two Foot Spin on Ice Skates

Ice skating is quite useful in the winter especially if you’re already pretty confident athlete. But beginners should avoid doing tricks on the ice in preliminary learning stages because of the risk of bruises and other injuries.

During each performance in the championship of figure skating athletes necessarily demonstrate their skill rotation. This element shows the level of your body, ability to coordinate and confident skater on the ice.

Two foot spin on ice skates is regarded as a very popular element which is used to get maximum points and mesmerize the spectators.


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    Learning to perform tricks on figure skates makes sense only if you're standing on the ice well and know how to manage your body almost flawlessly.

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    Learning this technique is best under the supervision of an experienced trainer who will be able to see and correct your mistakes. If you do decide to learn how to rotate on your own skates, at least, have someone of your friends to insure you because skating without insurance can be dangerous.

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    Begin training rotation in place, without over clocking. Before making a spin, try to relax and take your arms to your chest in a to-and-fro motion. Lean on the outer edge of your skate. Sit down a little and then rotate your foot in the direction of the edge on which to lean. Achieve pretty good and confident rotation in place before proceeding to the more complex rotation in the movement.

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    If you want to learn how to spin on skates as professional figure skaters, keep in mind that there are important elements of the allocation phase, namely, approach, entry, and exit the rotation itself. Entry is the most important and most difficult stage element, because when it is done correctly, holding the rotation will be pretty simple.

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    At the entrance you have to slightly change the direction of your movement in the opposite direction, that is, if you move clockwise, slowly start move against the direction of skates. It is important to keep your feet firm enough to hold onto the ground on which you will build the rotation. At the stage of the rotation it is important to keep your body position.

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