How to Do Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is good for the mother and her unborn baby. However, process of the massage has to be done very carefully, as rough massage can cause some health issues for the mother and her unborn baby. It is better to always check with your obstetrician before getting massage. Also, while the process of massage has to be taken a proper care of, the position of the woman is also very important. The massage therapist should take care to position the woman before massage to avoid any mishap.


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    Help pregnant woman lie on her side, instead of back or on the belly, and have pillows propped around her. Make sure she feels comfortable. Also, have something softer underneath her.

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    In addition to position, use of massage technique is also very important. Use very gentle pressure while doing the massage  instead of putting extra pressure. Use of pressure can cause strain to the body.

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    First of all massage neck, shoulders and arms areas, as these are concentrated areas for tension. Use gentle pressure with a small amount of oil and rub through the lower neck area, then shoulders and then arms. As you rub through these areas gradually, it will release the tension and the woman will feel relaxed.

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    You can massage the belly area. Little bit rubbing can relieve the belly muscles of pregnant woman. During the pregnancy stretched muscles can cause stiffness and itching to the belly area and the massage makes the woman feel comfortable.

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    The back area is the most affected area of a woman with pregnancy, as stretched belly muscles cause serious strain on the back muscles. Do not put too much pressure but give a thorough massage to the back.

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    You should also give a thorough massage to the legs. Legs take weight of the entire body and pregnant woman get tired quickly for this reason. A nice and thorough massage releases the strain in the legs and increase flexibility in them.

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    You can finish the process with massage of the feet area. Massage of the feet and hands area are as important as massage to other body parts. It feels good to do a thorough and hard rubbing of fingers and toes. You can massage these areas while leaving the woman at sitting position and keeping the feet on a table or chair.

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