How to do Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is the richest jewel of women. Long hairstyles reflect your personality and are one among the versatile hairstyles. However, it is hard to handle long hair during the dog days of summer, when the excessive sweating irritates you and your hair become dull. Anyhow, no need to panic as there are many summer hairstyles for long hair, which are easy to make and reflects your mood. Make sure to choose a style that enhances your overall look and meets your level of maintenance. This simple article based on different summer hairstyles for long hair can help you find the hairstyle you want.


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    Side-pull back Hairstyle

    Side-pull back is a great hairstyle for summer, as it is simple and a cute style for any kind of parties and get-togethers. Brush your hair thoroughly to remove tangles if any. Now, take some hair from the right side of your head and start twisting them. Make sure to twist them all the way down to the tip. Now hold it back behind your head and fix it with bobby or Barbie pins to fix them in one position. Take some hair form the front of the left side of your head and repeat the same procedure, twisting them to the end and fixing with hairpins.

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    Long-cute Summer Hairstyle

    Long-cute hairstyle is another simple summer hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle will take you just few minutes. Wash your hair to give them neat look and apply root volume booster in your wet hair. Now, blow dry your hair gently and brushe them in order to remove tangles. Make sure to comb them to either left or right side whatever suits you. Garb a curling iron and lightly curl the ends of your hair. Pin behind the hair behind your ear on the other side in order to make your face visible.

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    Long Super Wavy Summer Hairstyle

    As the name indicates, long super wavy summer Hairstyle consists of more waves, which are perfect for summer day’s hangouts. Wash your hair and blow-dry them completely. Pick up a large or paddle brush in order to smooth your hair outwards. Now, part your hair slightly off the centre and split them into at least six sections. Apply hair setters to all the six sections of your hair. Grab the paddle brush again and create natural waves in the shorter layers.

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    Side-pony with flower

    Side-pony with flower is no doubt an elegant hairstyle for summer. Brush your hair and grab them into a side ponytail. Grab one section of flower under the ponytail and grab it around the base of your pony to give it a natural look and pin it with any of the hairpin. Now add either a fresh or an artificial flower to your ponytail.

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