How to Do the False Cut Card Trick

The False Cut Card trick is another simple type of the Sleight Index. You can play this trick simply by holding the deck by the sides, such that you have the index and the ring finger on the top of the cards and the thumb at the bottom. Now spin one card from the bottom in the anticlockwise direction ensuring that it is not visible to the audience. After doing this show the bottom card to the audience and deal a few cards on the table. The audience will feel as you are pulling cards from the bottom of the deck. However, after pulling a few cards when you will show the bottom of the deck to the audience, the cards that they saw previously at the bottom will still be there.


  • 1

    Hold the deck in your hand such that it is facing down. Now pull some cards out of the deck in a way that audience feel that you are pulling the cards from the bottom.

  • 2

    After you have pulled a few cards from the bottom of the deck, turn the face of the deck towards the audience to show them which cards is there at the bottom.

  • 3

    Once you have shown the bottom card to the audience continue pulling out the cards from the deck so that the audience feel that the same card will not be there anymore.

  • 4

    Now again when you will show the face of the bottom card to the audience they will be surprised to see that the card at the bottom they saw earlier is still at the same position.

  • 5

    Finally, tell the audience how it is done by turning the deck over to show the position of your fingers. Show them that squeezing your middle, ring and little fingers to slide the bottom card will keep it in control while the other cards are pulled out of the deck.

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