How to do the Magic Breath Card Trick

In this type of Impromptu Card trick, the player asks the spectator to choose a card which is then placed back in the deck at random. After doing this, the player tells the spectator that he will make the card reappear wherever the spectator would like. In order to do this, the player hands over the cards to the spectator and asks him to think of a number mentally; which is also called breathing the deck. Now when the spectator flips five cards and reveal the fifth one, it will not the one he had initially chosen. And when the player deals off the same number in exactly the same way and flips the last one, it will be the card chosen by the spectator.


  • 1

    Using the method that you find easy and comfortable while using, pass a card to the top of the deck in order to start the trick.

  • 2

    Shuffle the deck properly as many times as you like and then ask the spectator to select a card, which you will then put back in the deck.

  • 3

    Once the spectator has chosen a card, bring it on the top of the deck and then give it to the spectator - asking him to blow a breath on it so the 'magic' can start.

  • 4

    After the spectator has blown on the deck, ask him to lay the cards in shape of a pile on the table and count according to the number that has been chosen.

  • 5

    Upon flipping the card, it will be revealed that the card is not the one chosen by the spectator. Once this happens, ask the spectator to give the deck back to you.

  • 6

    Add a little intrigue to your trick and tell the spectator that he does not have the magic breath, before picking the pile from the table placing it on top of the deck.

  • 7

    Now when you select the card following the same number count as the spectator did, the last card flipped will be the one chosen by spectator.

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