How to Do the Pilates 100 Exercise

Pilates was originally created by a medical doctor to assist his bed stricken patients’ stay fit and healthy. Moreover, these exercises have been carried out to the present day, in order to aid people stay toned. The concentration of Pilates is mostly on the core, or the place around the abdominals. By making effort on this area, people improve their posture; get a flatter stomach and great abs. The most effective exercise to work on the core is the Pilates 100. There are a number of ways to perform the Pilates 100 exercise.


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    Getting to know the basics

    The Pilates 100 exercise is a great exercise that strengthens the whole core area and the area around the abdominals. On the other hand, you should try doing the advanced exercises with time. For starters, lie flat on your back with your arms placed on the sides and legs together.

    Breathe in deeply and raise your arms and upper body from the ground when you exhale. Raise the arms until they are a couple of feet above your body and start to pump them up and down while breathing deeply. Raise and lower your arms with a set of ten before relaxing. Do this exercise five to ten times, and remember not to do more than 100 lifts with your arms.

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    Raise the level of the exercise

    When you have completed the Pilates 100 exercise, it is high time to take a leap forward. Lie down on your back with legs pressed together. Breathe in and out, raise your arms and upper body from the surface, like the previous exercise regime. Moreover, you need to raise your legs as well in this routine. Lift them as high as you can while pointing your toes. Perform the arm lifts and lowers again, maintaining your arms at the outsides of the legs. Repeat five to ten times and do not do more than 100 pumps with your arms. Remember when you do the leg lifts, you will need to keep your lower back on the ground at all times.

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    Practice frequently

    The complete 100 exercise is a great way to improve the core with Pilates, decrease lower back pain, and improve breathing and the legs. When you are adjusted to this routine, try to do the whole exercise. Make sure you do not get too proud during the process.

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