How to Do the Poker Trial Card Trick

The Poker Trial Card trick is another interesting type of the self-working card tricks. For this type of card trick you have to sort out all the main cards from Ace to King in order so that you can easily stack them over one another.  Cutting the deck 11 times, you tell the audience the story of a Poker player who never used to lose a game and would always win. As a result, people started accusing him for cheating and dragged him in the court for trial. Being in the court, he plays the same trick on condition that if he wins he will be free and if he loses, he will be jailed. The game goes on and the poker player ends up getting four cards of a kind while the judge and jurors end up with 3 cards of one kind. This is a simple card trick but will require the player to follow a proper sequence.


  • 1

    To get started, arrange the cards in order of 2 to Ace within each suit. After that, put all of them together to form a deck.

  • 2

    Cut the deck 11 times, and to add a little spice to your trick game - you can narrate the same story of the poker player that is discussed in the introduction.

  • 3

    Deal out the cards on a table such that you have 6 piles in one row, 6 piles in the other and one pile in the center of both representing the poker player. Continue dealing the cards till you have run out of them.

  • 4

    Once you are done with dealing the cards, continue the story by telling the audience that if the player convinces the judge by playing and winning a poker game, he will be free and if he loses he will go to jail.

  • 5

    When you show the cards to the audience, they will be surprised that all of them are in sequence and four Aces are held by the player.

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