How to Do the Six Guessed Cards Trick

This is probably the most simple card trick that is played, and it takes place by using 6 cards instead of the whole deck. However, the only remarkable thing about this trick is that out of the six cards that you have selected, three of them should be red while the other three of should be black. Another good thing about this trick is that you do not necessarily need any helper, and can perform this trick by yourself rather conveniently. All that you do is first arrange six cards in such a way that one is red and one is black. As you continue to do this a couple of times, the red and black cards will get separated.


  • 1

    Take six cards out of the deck, making sure that three of the selected cards are red and the other three are black, irrespective of their suit.

  • 2

    Arrange the six cards you have taken in such a way that you place one red card on top of each black one, facing down.

  • 3

    Repeat the same procedure one more time so that it does not look like you are cheating.

  • 4

    Put six cards on the table after you arrange them in the order specified earlier.

  • 5

    Now either yourself, or ask someone else to do this for you. Separate those six cards in two sets such that there are three cards in each set with their faces down.

  • 6

    As you turn the faces of the cards towards you, it will be seen that the black cards are in one hand and red ones are in the other.

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