How to Do the Triple Threat Card Trick

The Triple Threat requires the performer to make three predictions which come out to be true in the end. A performer can play it in front of someone or a group of spectators. What happens is that the performer writes names of three cards on a piece of paper and keeps them in a box that contains cards, without letting the spectators know. The performer then makes a prediction by writing it on a piece of paper, while putting the cards back in the box. After that, the performer brings those cards out of the box and places them in three piles. The spectators will be amazed to see the top three cards since they will be the ones predicted about earlier!


  • 1

    Start the performance by shuffling cards and giving the deck a few cuts. This will make the spectators believe that all cards are placed randomly in the deck.

  • 2

    Place the cards in the box that already contains three cards. Put them in such a way that the cards you need to predict about are placed below other cards, and spectators do not have a clue about it.

  • 3

    After putting the cards in the box, seal it and write your prediction on a piece of paper. You can inform the spectators about your predication.

  • 4

    Now bring all cards out of the box, including those that you predicted about.

  • 5

    Deal the cards on the table in three piles with their faces down and turn the top cards over. They will be the ones you 'predicted' about!

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