How to Do Tricks with Nunchucks

Knowing how to do martial arts is something that can be very useful in life. They provide one with excellent self defensive skills and can be a massive boost in situations of extreme danger.

The ability to use various weapon related with martial arts enhance one’s abilities. Nunchucks are one the most dangerous weapons in martial arts and can break bones with a single blow. However, if you use them incorrectly, you can be on the receiving end yourself.

By preparing well and learning the craft, you can very well use nunchucks to excellent effect.


  • 1

    Buy Nunchucks

    The first step in the process is obviously to buy nunchucks. Ideally buy a set with a lighter material that will not cause too much damage if you get hit. That is important as it is very likely that you will take a number of blows while you practice in the start.

  • 2

    Start Simple

    Do not try to be Bruce Lee in your first week of training and learn the ropes slowly. There is no need for you to learn advance techniques in the start and you must take your time in the initial simpler ones and master them in order to move forward. Take your time and gradually improve upon your set of skills.

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    Buy a Book

    You can also buy a book that illustrates various techniques that can be used. Since these books are authored by expert martial artists themselves, they can take you through the whole process and how to improve your skills over time. Buy a book that martial artists themselves recommend and follow it, you should do well.

  • 4

    Watch Videos

    You can watch videos of known nunchuck experts and see how they move and how they do it. This can help you in removing errors that you may otherwise be making and will also help you in improving your abilities with the weapon.

  • 5

    Join a School

    You can also join a martial arts school in your area. There is no replacement of learning from someone who knows the craft. A good teacher can help you in a big way by enhancing your skills and can be a great help in getting you trained in the right way.

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