How to Download Free Online Virus Scans

Anyone who has a computer or laptop with Internet access is vulnerable to viruses and other forms of malware, which is why it is extremely important to protect the computer and the files on it by having an antivirus installed and running at all times.

If you do cannot afford antivirus software from well-known companies, then downloading a free online virus scan is surely the best option for you. The process of finding, downloading and running a free online virus scan is pretty easy.


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    The first thing you need to do is to search for free online virus scans. You cannot download something unless you know what it is that you want to download. Google’s search engine is your best friend when it comes to searching for anything. Open your web browser and navigate to Google search engine homepage. Enter “Free Online Virus Scan” in the search bar and press enter to start the search. You will see many search results appear on the screen. Click open as many of them as you want to have a greater variety to choose from.

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    Go through the description of online virus scans offered by different companies to see if they will simply scan your computer for virus, or if they will also eliminate these threats after the scanning is complete. Compare the features and specifications of different online virus scans to make an informed decision. Also confirm that the software you intend to download is compatible with the operating system running on your computer.

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    Before you download the online virus scan, delete any antivirus software that you may have installed on your system. While majority of the products will themselves detect an antivirus installed on your system and prompt you to uninstall them, some products will not detect them. As a result, neither of the two scanners will work properly due to a conflict between them.

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    After removing the previous antivirus from your system, download and install the software that you selected in the second step.

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    Once the installation is complete, run the software and allow it to perform a full system scan. It is recommended to close down all other programmes while the full system scan is taking place.

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