How to Draw a Comic Strip in Illustrator

A comic illustrator helps you make panels on a certain page so you can add images and dialogues in order to complete your comic. The whole storyline is your idea and it’s all up to you how you want the storyline to take shape. There are several online illustrators available, where you can select a template which suits your story the most. The panels can all be of the same size, or different sizes, considering how large you want the image to be. However, all this comes later, once you have managed to write down the whole storyline and plot for your comic.


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    Try not to directly jump on illustrators. Several people do brainstorming before they jump to conclusions and you should do just that. Write down everything and imagine how you want everything to be. If you think there is a certain character you might forget later on, draw it on a piece of paper so that you can either copy paste it later or even draw it again if you can.

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    Once your story is set, you are good to go. Move to the illustrator and start drawing. Make sure that the story which you wrote also has dialogues. Comics rarely talk about what the story is, they mostly mention the dialogues and they are very important.

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    Start drawing characters and how they indulge in a conversation. Make sure that you imagine different angles of a particular face and not just one. Let your imagination run free.

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    All the panels of your comics should not be of the same size. While introducing an important character, stretch the panel to an extent that you can actually show the whole character. The graphics are all up to you and how you shape things. Therefore, try to focus on the minor details as people love to see them.

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    You should know how to add dialogues. There are different types of boxes and clouds you can use when a character is speaking or thinking. If there are solid borderlines, your character is talking. In case the borderlines are in a zigzag fashion, it means that either the character is too loud or saying something extremely important. In case there are no dialogues and you want to type down something related to the story, make sure you write it inside a white or yellow highlighted box. It’s something like a background voice and does not involve the usual dialogues.

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