How to Draw Anime Samurai

Drawing a Samurai in the style of anime is a fun and creative project that anyone, with a little bit of artistic skill or knowledge, can easily do. Remember that a Samurai represents an important fighting theme in Japanese history and it is very important to cater to the fine details. Using some simple techniques and a little creativity, you can draw an anime Samurai reflecting your artistic talents.

Things Required:

– Graphite Pencil
– Sketch Pad
– Eraser


  • 1

    Start with head shape:

    Begin your anime drawing of a Samurai by making the head shape either oval or round. Make sure that the head is in proportion to the rest of the body.

  • 2

    Focus on eyes:

    Now work on drawing the eyes of your anime Samurai character. Remember that a Samurai has a distinctive look so make the eyes small and in proportion to the rest of the face. The pupils should be drawn at the center of the oval shape.

  • 3

    Draw facial features:

    Once you have completed the eyes, draw the rest of the facial features like the nose, mouth and eyebrows. Make sure to draw a simple horizontal line for the Samurai’s mouth and give him some thick eyebrows to represent his fighting look. You can make a simple nose in the shape of a “V” but do not make it very large as it will overcrowd the facial area. Use clean simple lines to make all of the facial features in the beginning and later on you can give it more detail.

  • 4

    Draw hair:

    Draw the hair according to Samurai tradition which includes a long straight ponytail. 

  • 5

    Draw clothing:

    The next step is to draw all of the clothing for your anime Samurai. Try to give him a long robe that goes up to ankles. The robe is closed right above the waist with the help of a simple sash. Keep the front of the robe slightly open to expose the chest of the Samurai.

  • 6

    Focus on chest:

    Draw simple “U” shapes for the Samurai’s chest muscles and abdomen. He should look strong but lean as well. Do not make the anime Samurai very large or chunky with bulging muscles as this will ruin his overall proportions.

  • 7

    Draw feet:

    Next, draw the feet of the Samurai in a fighting pose or stance. Make sure to draw simple sandals on his feet and keep their distance around the width of the shoulders.

  • 8

    Draw sword:

    The final touch should include the Samurai sword. This powerful weapon has a long handle and thin sharp blade with a slight curvature.

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