How to Draw Pictures for Children’s Books

Somebody has rightly said “Action speaks louder then words”. And when it comes to illustrations in children books, the saying that sits best: “Illustrations speaks louder then text”.

It is very obvious that children’s book without pictures are incomplete since pictures say so much about what is written in the book.

A book without pictures is nothing more then something like black and white for them. Of course it gets less interesting for a child to read the book with no pictures on it so they eventually start finding interest in something else. In order to increase the children’s span of attention, parents and teachers have got a good tool in the form of books with illustrations.

Children’s books usually have more pictures then the text so they must be made carefully keeping in mind all the aspects. A picture must speak the essence of the text that is written alongside. This is a great line of work and it can earn you a lot of money once you learn how to do it. If you have the passion to draw and you keep on practicing it then you can draw the illustrations simply in no time. All that is needed is to be creative, imaginative and have the ability to successfully put on a piece of paper whatever you imagine.

Things Required:

– Papers
– Pencils
– Colors


  • 1

    Firstly, make sure that you have a clear idea about what to draw. Go through the book that requires pictures on it if it is not written by you.

  • 2

    Next, identify the nouns and symbols in the text. These will form the illustrations that the children would love to see.

  • 3

    After this, make a couple of rough sketches and have a discussion with the writer about it. If you feel that the sketch you have drawn needs to be improved more then make another sketch. Once done finalize all the sketches.

  • 4

    Once completed, make a final draft using high quality material. Add suitable colors in it.

  • 5

    Finally scan the draft and save the scanned file on your desktop. Make sure that you have saved it in various image formats.

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