How to Dress a Baby for Bed in winter

It is of utmost importance that parents dress their babies properly for bed in winter. As babies are sensitive and instantaneously catch cold, therefore, one should be as much careful as possible to keep the baby away from harm’s way. The suitable room temperature for babies is 70 degree Fahrenheit, if room temperature is too hotter for baby, they can suffer from a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). One should never underestimate the need for dressing baby properly and try to take as much care of infants as possible.


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    Cover crib with a warm sheet

    You should cover the crib of baby with a warm sheet. First, you should place a light fabric on the crib as a base and then a thick fabric to make the baby comfortable. Remember that, the thick cloth should be soft and enough to make your baby feel warm. Do not go for clothes which you think might make your baby feel uncomfortable.

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    Remove pillows

    You should not place pillows in the baby’s crib. You should remove all pillows, blankets or toys from baby’s sleeping area as you do not want him to be bothered during the sleep. It is of considerable importance that you baby experience a sound sleep every night otherwise, if interrupted, baby will start crying which will eventually cause trouble in your sleep.

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    Use sleep bag

    The use of sleep sack or sleep-bag is more preferable as these make the baby more comfortable.  These are similar to normal clothing and babies are allowed to move their bottom comfortably. You should also note that blankets can be dangerous for your babies as they might suffocate during the sleep and sleep-bags work as a suitable alternative for blankets.

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    Swaddle your baby

    In winters, making a baby wear cotton onesie will not help, instead, you should swaddle the baby to cover whole of his body in one piece. One of the biggest advantages of swaddle is that, if the baby is wrapped firmly, he will not be able to take his hands out and scratch his own face and covering him with blanket can only then be risk free. It is recommended that you cover your baby from head to feet with a single piece of cloth.

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    Use zippers

    You should increase the use of zippers to cover your baby properly.

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