How to Dress Expensive For Less

To dress expensive and to have an army of professionals perfecting her nails, hair and makeup before going out is every girl’s dream. Such a treatment makes a girl feel extremely special, as if she is a princess. However, it is not possible for everyone to afford these luxuries, taking into account the prices of high-quality dresses, shoes or the latest makeup. By adopting a few techniques, you can dress expensive for much less. This is easier if you are naturally beautiful and have attractive physical features.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet
– Fashion magazines


  • 1

    Do some research

    Before you go for shopping, you must do thorough research over the internet or through fashion magazines about the current trends and styles. Keep in mind that fashion continues to change with the passage of time and there is no point wasting your precious money on dresses that are not in fashion any more.

  • 2

    Look for a sale

    You must keep your eyes and ears open for attractive sales in your area. Try to visit a number of clothing stores before choosing your dresses. It should help you a great deal in choosing the best clothes in your price range.

  • 3

    Buy dresses in the off-season

    You can buy expensive clothes during the off-season as they will cost you a lot less at that time of a year. Do not worry even if you have to wait for a couple of months before wearing those items.

  • 4

    Prefer quality over quantity

    If you wish to look expensively dressed, you must focus more on the quality of your dresses, rather than the quantity. Instead of buying three ordinary dresses, you should buy one expensive high quality dress in the same price.

  • 5

    Make a list

    Having selected a dress over the internet or in a fashion magazine, you need to make a list of accessories that you require with it. Making a list will help you avoid buying unnecessary things.

  • 6

    Try to look different

    Try to experiment with your dressing as it will allow you to look different than others and you will naturally look expensively dressed.

  • 7


    Accessories are usually not very costly but they can help you immensely in looking more expensively dressed. You must choose the accessories that go along well with your personality.

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