How to Dress In Layers for Skiing

Going skiing is a great way to enjoy the snow and have some outdoor fun. It is important to understand that you are dealing with the elements of nature and should be properly dressed when you hit the slopes. This dressing is normally done in layers to reduce the effect of cold. Nowadays, ski clothing is not so much about functionality but more about fashion or style. Everyone wants to look good wearing the latest brands of ski clothing. Using the tips given in this article, you can combine both the attributes.

Things Required:

– Soft or hard shell jacket
– Fleece layer
– Ski pants
– Scarf
– Non-cotton Long underwear (top and bottom)
– Ski gloves
– Synthetic or wool glove liner
– Synthetic or wool socks
– Synthetic or wool hat
– Ski boots


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    Base Layer:

    The base layer is basically the clothing that sits directly on your skin. Make sure that you are fully protected from the cold but at the same time your clothing should be able to breathe so that sweat or moisture does not get trapped inside. Cotton should not be used for any of your layers while skiing. Use a nice pair of non-cotton long underwear on top and bottom.

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    Second Layer:

    After putting on the long underwear, put on some synthetic or woolen socks. Make sure to allow the bottom of the long underwear to sit over the socks. Now put on the fleece layer and ski pants. You can use a nice fleece sweater or pull-over to keep you warm. If you want, you can tuck the fleece liner in to the ski pants to avoid snow from getting inside.

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    Third Layer:

    Put on your soft or hard shell jacket over the fleece layer and ski pants. Make that you can easily move around with the jacket on. Now put on your wool glove liners, scarf and hat. Once you are done, put on your ski gloves and boots. Do not tuck the long underwear bottoms in to the boots as this can cause problems to your blood circulation.

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    Alternate Layers:

    You can easily alternate between layers while you are out skiing. If you begin to feel hot and sweaty then you can remove a single layer to cool down a little. However, make sure that you do not take off too many layers while out in the snow.

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