How to Dress Like a Teacher

Teaching is a profession with flexible dress code unlike most corporate offices where you have to follow strict criteria to look as formal as possible. This gives you a leverage to choose from a wide variety of dresses. However, the nature of the profession is such that you have to be an emblem of respect and modesty for the young fertile minds and so have a great responsibility. Your dresses shape your personality and indicate your character and so you have to take great care in the selection. Have a look at our step by step guide below for tips and suggestions.


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    In every dress that you wear, keep the modesty factor. Your dress should not be see through, clinging to your body in  an appropriate way or show any part of the body like thigh, midriff or any other part.

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    Dress professionally

    Your job includes not just teaching and activities with the kids but you also meet colleagues, senior and parents. Therefore, it is very necessary that you dress in the morning keeping all these options in mind. Avoid coming in clothes that are creased or have been slept in. While you are not expected to dress in a formal dress shirt, go for other collared options like polo shirts. Tee shirts can also be worn as long as they are decent enough and do not contain any offensive or discriminatory statement or print.

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    Repair work

    Your dresses should be immaculate without any tear or holes. Dresses should not be very loose because they will appear sloppy and put a negative effect on your overall personality. Check for any repair work needed after every wash and while dressing in the morning. A single loophole could earn your disapproving looks from colleagues and students.

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    Clean dress is a must

    As a teacher you are held in great esteem by your students. Clean dressing comes among the foremost elements of personal hygiene and you are expected to abide by it. Wear clean clothes without any spots. You can make life easy for yourself by using dark colored fabrics that do not show dust marks readily. Buy fabrics that are easily washable and do not get creased because as teacher it is part of your duty to run around, carry objects and assist students in various activities.

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    Get a large size durable shoulder bag or hand bag that is big enough to hold books and stationery that you need for the school. A cloth or leather bag is usually very durable. You can also keep two separate bags, one for your personal stuff and another for the work related things.

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    Teachers are normally free to wear shoes of their choice. However do keep the comfort factor in anything that you wear because as a teacher you have to move around a lot and be on your feet most of the time.

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