How to Dress Like Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is considered to be one of the most prolific fashion creators. Rather than simply focusing on fashion, the French designer laid down more emphasis on style, as she believed that unlike fashion, the latter remains the same for many years.

Chanel is credited for a lot of apparel, footwear and accessories that are an integral part of every woman who has a true sense of style.

If you have a desire to dress like Chanel, then you will need to go shopping for certain items at a Chanel store or someplace where you can get your hands on Chanel lookalikes for a more affordable price.

Things Required:

– Little black dress
– Mix of pearls and gold jewellery
– Two-tone pumps or flats
– Chanel suit
– Chanel purse
– Chanel perfume


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    First introduced by Chanel in the 1920s, 'the little black dress' is one of the French designer’s biggest contributions to style. The dress celebrates the femininity of a woman and does a lot to bolster her confidence. This is the first item that you should pick up for your wardrobe when you are aiming for the Chanel style.

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    'Chanel suit' is the next thing that should make its way into your wardrobe. Go to a Chanel store and look for the suit that appeals to you the most. You will be basically looking for a collarless jacket that closely resembles a cardigan and a pleated skirt that is about knee-length. If the price tag is well beyond what you can afford, you can get a suit with a similar design from some other store for a far less price. The quality may not be the same, but you will surely be saving a lot of money.

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    Chanel made quite a fashion statement with her 'two-tone pumps and ballet flats'. Get the shoes from a Chanel store, or look for a Chanel lookalike from other store. Try out the shoes first to ensure your feet feel comfortable in them before going ahead with the purchase.

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    Chanel stripped the hand-held bags of their appeal by introducing 'purses with a shoulder chain', thus liberating a woman’s hands. Purchase a purse that is fashioned in quilted fabric or leather and has a gold strap.

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    Accessorising was considered as an important part of style by Chanel. She preferred pearls, both real and imitation, as well as gold jewellery for decorating certain parts of the body. When aiming to dress like Chanel, be sure to accessorise yourself in a similar manner, though you can do without real pearls if you are short on money.

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