How to Drink Without Getting a Hangover

A night out may be very enjoyable but the after effects of drinking are severe. You tend to drink a lot at parties with friends and family but drinking in excess may cause a hangover when you wake up the next morning. Hangovers generally comprise of headaches and a queasy stomach. Alcohol dehydrates the body which is the reason for this condition, which can be prevented by taking precautionary measures such as drinking to your limit and having a healthy meal before you go out. Drinking water frequently will also help your condition.


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    Know your limit

    You must know what the limit is. If you are an avid drinker, you will know at what point to stop. Never drink more than the limit as that could intoxicate you and the result will be a hangover. A general study states that you must only have two or three beverages in a sitting to avoid the effect of a hangover.

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    Eat before you drink

    Having a hearty meal before you go out to drink is very important. The meal will act as a coating for your stomach and it will slow down the absorption of alcohol. Make sure you eat foods that are high in protein content.

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    Go for light-coloured alcohol

    Light-coloured alcohol is distilled and will be less effective in causing a hangover. Pure ethanol, vodka and gin fall in this category. They have a lesser concentration of alcohol and you can have a certain amount of these drinks without getting intoxicated.

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    Drink water frequently

    Water will keep your body hydrated for a considerable period. You tend to urinate more when you consume alcohol and drinking water frequently will definitely help your cause. It is advised to drink a glass of water before, during and after consuming alcohol.

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