How to Dye Your Hair Yourself

People dye their hair all the time; some do it for fun while others just want to hide the gray in their scalp. Colouring your hair is quite easy and you actually don’t have to visit your favourite hair salon every time for this procedure. You can just go to your nearest general store and buy a colour of your liking.


  • 1

    The first thing is to know the colours that go well with your skin tone and eyes. For instance if your skin is dark then going blond is definitely not the right idea.

  • 2

    Now go to the market and pick the brand which suits you, as some brands can cause rashes and other problems if the chemicals in them react with your skin.

  • 3

    Pick a colour similar to your natural hair colour so it blends well.

  • 4

    Once you have bought the colour, it is time to put on some protective gloves so that the colour doesn’t get on to your hands. Along with the gloves, it is better to have tissues or towels with you to deal with the spills.

  • 5

    You should take out an old shirt to wear, or choose not to wear a shirt at all and place a towel on your shoulders to cover most of your upper body. Hair colours are strong and can leave stains on your body if not covered, so instead of having colour on your shoulders/chest it is better to cover with a towel.

  • 6

    Although this is not necessary, but some people choose to apply Vaseline before dying their hair to prevent staining.

  • 7

    Depending on the quality of your dye, you may have to make a mixture of the colour in the form of a paste in a bowl.

  • 8

    Now use a brush or a comb to separate your hair as you will need to apply the colour in sections. Make sure that the sections are small enough so that the colour can cover them properly. You have to coat all your hair, otherwise you will end up with an embarrassing hairdo.

  • 9

    Once you have dyed the hair, you now need to massage your scalp and be sure to wear gloves when you do this.

  • 10

    Now leave the colour on according to the instructions on the box of your hair colour.

  • 11

    Without touching the hair, wipe the colour off on your neck and ears.

  • 12

    Now get in the shower and wash off the dye. You may have to use some warm water to remove the mixture from your scalp.

  • 13

    Allow your hair to air dry.

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