How to Eat Yellow Nectarine

If you live in a hot climate, it will be hard for you to find a substitute to yellow nectarine, which can rejuvenate your energy in summer. Nectarines are very tasty, and are also considered very beneficial for health. In appearance and flavour, nectarines are quite similar to peaches, although their skin has no fuzz and is smoother. However, as compared to peaches, they have a slightly more spicy taste and are also a touch smaller in size. There are a number of different methods adopted in various parts of the world to eat nectarines.

Things Required:

– A knife
– A bowl
– A spoon or a fork


  • 1

    Choose a ripe nectarine and eat it fresh

    The basics of eating a yellow nectarine are the same as other fruits. You must choose a ripe nectarine and make sure that you eat it fresh. Having cut it into quarters, you may remove the pit and put the pieces in a nice bowl before you eat them with a fork or a spoon.

  • 2

    Eat the nectarine like an apple

    If you do not want to go into the hassle of cutting the yellow nectarines, you may just wash them nicely and eat them like apples. However, if you are going to adopt this method, it is highly recommended that you keep a lot of paper towels or a napkin with you in order to deal with the juice that is going to spill from a particularly ripe fruit.

  • 3

    Add some cream and brown sugar

    If you are going to eat the nectarines by cutting them into small pieces, you can add a bit of cream to them. Other than that, some people prefer to sprinkle some brown sugar over them, although the nectarines do not require any added sweetness.

  • 4

    Mix with yogurt

    The small slices of nectarine can also be mixed with yogurt if you like to experiment. The yogurt nicely compliments the sweetness.

  • 5

    Make jam or jelly

    If you have a large number of nectarines, it is advised that you make jam or jelly from them. This is the only way to properly preserve nectarines for long durations of time.

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