How to Email a QuickBooks Invoice

QuickBooks software has made delivery of invoices convenient and accurate. Since you send an invoice to the person whose email contact details you have, there is no chance of it landing in inbox of someone else. It is more friendly to send invoices online instead of printing it out and then posting them in the print form. It saves stationery and thus helps the environment. It is always recommended that companies switch to paperless mode of communication to preserve natural resources.


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    Opening of Invoice

    First step is to access the email invoice you want to send. You can do this by choosing button of email invoice, next to the send button. After clicking on the button scroll down in the software and choose 'Email Invoice'. The process is very simple and straight forward. Yet, if you are not familiar with QuickBooks software, get help from your IT staff initially. You can quickly pick up the entire method of sending the 'Email Invoice'.

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    Completion of Email Form

    When you click on the 'Email Invoice' button, a new window will pop up in the software. This is an online form requiring information to be filled in. This includes email contact details and other information about the person you are sending the email form to. Be careful while filling in the form, and do not leave any box without information.

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    Feeding of Information

    In the email section, include the email address of the person you are going to send the email invoice. Also, if you want to copy the mail to more than one person, type their email addresses in the cc section. In the subject section, you can add the message or reference of the invoice.

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    Sending Invoice

    After you have filled out details in the form, you may write a message, which you may like to send along with the 'Email Invoice'. It can be reference to the payment, which you are expecting against a done business or any other communication that you deem necessary for the recipient. Although it is not an exclusive communication method or style, it is worth to add some information relating the invoice.

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