How to Embed URLs in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a powerful software, part of the Microsoft Office suite, and is used for creating presentations. Besides typing plain text, you can also embed different pictures and videos in your presentation slides to make them more attractive and descriptive. However, you can’t simply copy and paste a video URL into your presentation and expect the video to run. URLs need to be modified in order for them to work properly in PowerPoint.

Things Required:

– Computer or laptop
– MS Office setup
– Internet connection


  • 1

    First you need to run PowerPoint. Click the start button at the left bottom of your computer screen (except for Windows 8) and access the programs menu. Navigate to the Microsoft Office folder and click on MS PowerPoint.

  • 2

    Create a new slideshow in PowerPoint.

  • 3

    Now, minimize PowerPoint and launch a browser of your choice, internet explorer, Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • 4

    Open the website from where you want to take the URL to embed in your PowerPoint presentation.

  • 5

    Select the link by simply clicking on the URL. If it does not get selected on a single click, select it manually.

  • 6

    Copy the link using the “Ctrl + C” command or right click on the link and choose copy.

  • 7

    Maximize your PowerPoint slide and paste the copied URL here by using the “Ctrl + V” command or right click and hit paste.

  • 8

    After pasting the link, check it carefully for the word "watch" followed by a question mark (?) and an equal sign (=), somewhere in the centre of the link. Delete "watch" and the question mark , and replace the equal sign with a slash (/).

  • 9

    After making these modifications to your URL, click on view, go to toolbar and then to control toolbox.

  • 10

    In the control toolbox, select ShockWave Flash Object and create a big rectangle in your slide where you would like the video to appear.

  • 11

    After creating the rectangular box, right click on it and select properties. The properties window will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

  • 12

    Copy the modified URL and paste it in box for movie URL.

  • 13

    Now click on embed movie and set it to true.

  • 14

    Your video URL has been embedded in the PowerPoint presentation. To check if it is working properly, hit the F5 button on your keyboard.

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