How to Enjoy a Butlins Family Holiday

Butlins is a chain of holiday camps in the United Kingdom, founded in 1936 by Billy Butlin, to allow middle-class British families to have affordable holidays. Packing your bags for a six-week holiday on the seaside is something extraordinary, which can help you rejuvenate your energy to deal with day to day affairs more for the next year.

Butlins provides entertainment to the whole family, with a number of different activities, especially in the summer. Apart from relaxing yourself close to nature, you can enjoy a funfair, West-End quality shows and can also receive professional sports coaching.


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    Splash Waterworld

    Splash Waterworld is one of the most thrilling activities that you can enjoy in Butlins and your holiday will not be complete without this experience. People feel extremely relaxed and thoroughly enjoy themselves in the water. One of the most important things to know is that the subtropical temperature never changes even if the weather is different outside.

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    You can experience a funfair at the Butlins, which is very attractive especially for the children. There is an outdoor Traditional Fairground for the older children and for the young ones there is a specially designed indoor funfair. You can take as many rides as you want in the funfair as everything is included in the original cost, you do not have to pay anything for the rides.

    There is a brand new Fairground in Bognor Regis, which has a beautiful landscape and some of the latest rides. However, these rides have certain limitations like age, medical condition, height and weight.

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    Sports sessions

    Butlins offer a number of sports sessions for children of various ages. You can enjoy archery, football, uni-hockey, beach sports and a lot more. These activities provide a great opportunity for children to have the time of their lives. Some of the sessions are free for the children but there are some for which you have to pay extra charges. Sporting facilities are available in all three Butlins resorts, offered in every break. In order to book any sporting sessions or to register yourself with a specific group, you need to check the details on arrival.

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    Arts and crafts

    Butlins does intend to promote arts and crafts, which is the reason why it organises some wonderful festivals. On top of that, the West-End quality shows are extremely popular amongst the regular visitors of Butlins.

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