How to Enlarge Breasts without Surgery

If you were fortunate to be born with a good set of C-cups, then a lot can be done to enhance your breasts. More than half of women are not satisfied with their breast size, and maybe some even think they have bigger breasts than they want. Women are also self conscious about the size and shape of their breasts. Also know that no medication can enlarge your breasts permanently, but there are natural herbs such as fenugreek and blessed thistle that can increase size and add curvature to breast tissue.


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    Increase weight

    If you are not healthy, then think about putting on some weight to enlarge the overall curvature of your body. On the other hand, if you are really thin, then weight gain can stabilise your health along the way as well. Women don’t like to hear that they need to lose weight, but maybe you are very skinny. Importantly, if you gain weight your breasts will become bigger as they are all fat. Get in touch with your doctor and check if you are healthy enough to gain weight and still remain in good health.

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    Do exercise on a daily basis

    Make sure you perform pectoral exercises regularly. Make it a routine in order to stay fit. The traditional push up is a very simple and famous exercise that will help target the muscles under your breasts. Talk to your personal trainer if required and seek assistance on improving the size and strength of your pectoral muscles. Know that you should avoid smoking cigarettes and skip coffee permanently. Smoking causes the breast tissue to sag, and caffeine decreases the fluids in breast tissue due to its diuretic effect.

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    Take supplements to enlarge your breasts

    After contacting the doctor, get hold of fenugreek and blessed thistle herbs. These natural herbs have been used by women for the past couple of decades. They increase breast milk production in nursing women and consist of estrogenic compounds that enlarge breast size. Furthermore, take estrogen containing birth control pills if you don’t want to take natural herbs. However, progesterone only birth control such as the Mirena IUD and minipill might not increase your breast size, the combination pill will probably help your case. Remember to research the risks linked with birth control pills before choosing to take them.

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