How to Enter Your First Mountain Bike Race

Entering your first mountain bike race can be difficult but once you are in, you can always prove your mettle by participating in subsequent races. You should remember that in order to compete in the mountain bike races, you should have adequate stamina and strength to give your competitor a tough time. For this, you would have to prepare well and work hard as entering the competition without practise will not help you in getting better result. It is of utmost importance that you enter the competition with a positive spirit.


  • 1

    Choose a suitable bike

    It is mandatory that you choose your mountain bike carefully. Do not go for the ones that make you feel uncomfortable. Visit the market, take your time and choose the bike according to your taste, comfort and pocket.

  • 2

    Find a suitable biker group

    After you have chosen your bike, you should start looking for a biker group. Remember that joining a suitable biker group is the key to achieve your goal. You should start looking for all the groups in your locality and think hard before joining a group. You should analyse their habits and routine in order to make sure that it will be comfortable for you to stay in their company and fulfil all the commitments.

  • 3

    Request for joining the group

    After you are done with the screening process and you know which group is best for you, you should talk to its members and try to seek information regarding how a person can join their group.  The group will probably have a leader, locate him and talk to him about the possibility of you joining their group. For this, you would have to convince the member as they are often hesitant in giving membership to an unknown person but show them your skills and eagerness to prove your commitment.

  • 4

    Exercise with them daily

    After you have joined the group, you should meet all the commitments and schedule. Do not leave any training sessions and be regular. You should work hard to increase your stamina and speed as this will play a key role in your race.

  • 5

    Buy appropriate bicycling clothes

    You should buy proper attire for cycling as this will make you comfortable in practise and at the time of race.

  • 6

    Ask group leader to arrange a race

    You should ask the group leader to arrange a race for you and he will easily manage it for you.

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