How to Escape From a Sinking Car

You are always at a high risk when you are driving fast and around rivers or lakes. However, if you prepare yourself well, then the chances of you surviving increase. A couple of factors such as sleep, road accidents, and slippery roads may cause your car to drift off the road and fall under water. In order to survive an accident like this, you need to follow certain steps so that you can save yourself and your family.


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    It takes only 2 to 10 minutes for a car to sink if it has entered a river or a lake. Once you hit the water, try to remain in your senses and take control of everything. You will not have a lot of time to save yourself and your family.

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    Make sure you unlock all the doors and roll down all the windows as soon as the car hits the water. Once the water starts coming in, it will become nearly impossible for you to open anything. A door can only be opened till the water level is upto your knees. After that, opening the door will be impossible.

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    Make sure that the seatbelts are off as well. In case the car is submerged, removing seatbelts becomes the biggest problem. Help the children and other family members by undoing their belts and preparing them for the escape.

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    In case you were unable to open the doors and windows on time, simply break the side window. Kicking the glass or using the tool kit to hit it will help at this time. Always apply force to the corner of the glass and not the center. People mostly hit the center and are unable to break the glass on time.

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    In case this doesn’t work, then you can always escape from the trunk as well. A few cars have the option to fold the rear seats down so you can move to the trunk. Once the trunk is open, swim out.

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    Make sure you remove all your heavy clothing and shoes inside the vehicle.

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    If your car’s interior is filling up with water, make sure you take a long breath before it is full.

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    In case you are inside a river, the flow of the water will also block the doors. Open a door which isn't against the water's flow.

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