How to Escape to Your Mind

Working all the time and people normal daily routine can be stressful. People face many issues and problems everyday which can be frustrating or depressing. In order to deal with these everyday problems and to overcome the difficulties of life, it is essential to escape from the world. You can also escape to your mind and relax. By doing this you not only refresh but can also keep you focus on daily things. You can also do yoga, tai chi or even meditation to relieve stress and free from the world. Escaping to your mind is a great place to go but you cannot reach there by walking, driving or running. It sounds easy but reaching to your mind is very difficult. However, if you practice every day, you may reach there and enjoy.


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    Good location

    Find a place where you won’t be distracted from anything like people, cars, noise etc. In order to stop other noises from reaching you, you can wear headphones and play soft music. The spot should be determined after looking for how long you want to escape to your mind. In case you are facing larger stress or you are bearing more fatigue, then seek a place where you can relax for a longer time. In case you are escaping to your mind for few minutes then you can either seek a place in your house or anywhere near your house. You should not focus on finding a special place but just look for a place where there is no interference or distractions.

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    Try to make yourself disappear

    Next you need to ward off all the worries and from your mind. You need to close your eyes and imagine that you are being rubbed away or dissolving. Remember that many thoughts will arise and distract you as well. You need to stay focus in your task. Use relaxation tools to assist you for this purpose. You can sit in a relaxing or comfortable position, listen to a soothing music and concentrate on breathing deeply.

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    Enter the mind

    After disappearing yourself, you will enter your mind where you will feel that only you are present. Everything will be blocked from you and you will think the earth is talking to you. You will even notice that nature is talking to you. You will be able to escape to another world where you can have everything what you want and desire.

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