How to Exercise at the Beach

Beach might be considered a place for stalking stock but it is actually much more than that. It is a soothing place which can be utilized for multiple activities. Some people host their weddings at the beach and other enjoys their trips with families whereas couples go there for some romantic hangover. However, apart from basic fulfilled activities that can be performed at the beach, there are some exercises that can be undertaken at the beach. It is strange that people nowadays have lost the love for staying fit because the technological advancements have made them lazy.


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    Beach games can be played especially considering that the fresh breeze and windy conditions will help you not sweat a lot but at the same time allow you to exercise so it is a win-win situation for you. Play beach volleyball, paddle ball, keep-away or tag. It will help you to warm up for a hefty exercise session. The heart beat will also fasten and the entire blood pumping system will come to function.

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    Bend over from your knees. Drop some coins or anything in a row and maybe in a zig zag direction depending upon your liking. Pick them up. It will help your hamstring muscle and quadriceps to get into action.

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    You can play Frisbee at the beach as well. Keep running and passing on the Frisbee to your team mates without making a mistake and catch the Frisbee with precision. Move around so that will create a gap for your partners to pass. It will help you with good cardiovascular condition.

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    Calories can be burnt with ease at the beach as the sand helps the cause a lot of friction in every action and asks for greater force for everything. More power means more effort and that will burn greater amount of calories.

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    Jog at the beach. Create a schedule of your laps and keep the time. Try to improve the time spent in completing the particular lap.

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    Do yoga at the beach if you know the art of doing it. It is good to do yoga at the time of the sunset because the breeze is absolutely clean that will help you breath well.

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    Run a metre then walk a metre and then jump a metre. You can adjust the distance at your will.

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