How to Exercise While Traveling In a Vehicle

People often spend quite a bit of time sitting in our vehicles either in traffic or going on a long road trips. Unfortunately, most of us do not have big vans that we can stand up in while driving long distances. Sitting in your vehicle can make your muscles tense up and you can be quite uncomfortable. If you are sitting for extended periods in your vehicle there are a few different exercises that you can do to maintain your health and the make the most of your time.


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    Stretch your neck:

    Gently tilt your head from side to side slowly to stretch your neck muscles. If you are sitting in traffic or at a stop light you can also turn your head from side to side to get a nice workout of your neck muscles. Try to do this for five to ten minutes and you will definitely get some much needed relief to sore neck muscles. Remember to do this only if you are at a standstill and not moving in the car.

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    Lift your legs:

    If you are a passenger in the car then you can lift one leg up off the ground and bring your knee close to your chest. Do this slowly for about fifteen minutes and repeat with your other leg. This is an excellent leg exercise which is easy to do and gives you nice stretch as well. Do not do this while driving the vehicle as it can be dangerous.

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    Stretch arms:

    While sitting you can lift your arm upwards and back to do simple arm exercise. It is better to do this while sitting in traffic and not moving in the vehicle. However, while driving you can lift your arms up to your chest or above your head but only do one arm at a time and always keep at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

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    Stretch back:

    Arch your back forwards off the seat and pull yourself towards the dashboard. By doing this you will be able to stretch your back and also your rear end. Continue to do this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat this exercise if you feel fatigue or cramps in your back or legs.

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    Lift shoulders:

    Repeatedly lift your shoulders as if you are shrugging. This will exercise your upper arms and the back of your neck as well. Gently rotate your shoulders forwards and backwards for about ten to fifteen minutes. You can do this easily while sitting the car.

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