How to Expand Your Social Circle

You will realize that socializing is extremely important once you enter your professional life. You will be judged on the basis of the types of people you sit and talk with. The basic skills of socializing are taught to you by your school and at home. However, you build upon your character while you grow up and in order to become good at socializing, you must polish your basics of communication. In order to expand your social circle you must become someone who people like to spend time with.


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    First of all you must develop a talent to start small talk. In order to do that, you must stay in touch with the latest things happening around the globe. Try reading different newspapers, magazines and surf the internet for whatever is popular. Once you have information about the different trends around the globe, you will be able to talk about any subject that is under consideration.

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    Always be approachable. In order to do that, you must keep a happy face and smile every once in a while. You must give everyone the impression that you are someone who they can approach whenever they want and you will be there to talk to them.

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    In case you opt for asking questions, then always ask the ones which do not have one-word replies. Make the other person discuss his/her background and other information with you. Moreover, keep your ears open so that you listen to everything anyone has to say. A good listener is always a good socialist.

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    A good sense of humour is considered to be the key to being loved by others. Everyone will simply love being around you if you are the reason why they have a smile on their faces. It’s hard to insult yourself in front of others, but that is something which will always make the other people smile. You can also talk about incidents which have been happening in your life and bring a smile to your face. Make sure that your jokes are clean unless you know the other person since a long time. You never know when the others start judging you, so be careful.

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    Always respect the other person’s personal space whenever you approach him/her. This is necessary. If you believe that the other person needs some time alone, always give it to him/her. There are times when people simply don’t want to interact and you wouldn’t want to talk to them during those times.

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