How to Explain the Holocaust to a Child

Explaining the Holocaust to a child is very important as kids also should know why this tragic event has so much importance around the world. Though it is very important that every child must know about the facts that surround the Holocaust but still as they are young to understand most of the things regarding this tragedy. You need to explain them with a different technique as they get the whole idea without getting in to that many details. Many say that this event is also a complex issue and sometimes you will face difficulties while explaining the Holocaust to children.


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    Understanding Holocaust

    Before you explain the Holocaust’s reality to your children, it is very important that you should know about this event as well. Not only just knowing about this event, you should know in detail. You should know various details about the event including the different aspects which forced the German society to take action against the Jews in World War II. Some say it was one of the worst events in human history when Hitler and his army brutally killed thousands of Jews by forcing them in to concentration camps. After getting all the information about the occurrence of Holocaust, you should explain to your children accordingly. Telling your children about the Holocaust also shows that we have not forgotten about this huge human tragedy and those who lost lives during that period are still remembered by the millions.

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    Providing basic facts

    Providing children with basic facts will help them understand the Holocaust. It will also help them to explore further about the event. Today’s age has given various tools of information to the young generation. If you are able to provide your children about the basic facts about the Holocaust, it is very much likely that he or she will find a way to conduct further research and investigation about the event. Make sure you understand Holocaust in case you kids have any questions that they might want to ask you.

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    Provide information about Hitler

    You should also explain your children about Adolf Hitler. You should tell them in detail that Hitler was the man behind Holocaust who created so much hatred for Jews. He called German people amongst the best while all the Jews were to be eliminated as they will corrupt the society especially as he falsely believed they were a real danger to the German people. It was the evil plans by Adolf Hitler that caused the Holocaust.                                                        

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