How to Export Changes in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an extremely smart and powerful accounting application that suits all types of business. Using this software, you can export data to run your business effectively. The built in import-export feature available in QuickBooks makes data exporting extremely easy. The feature also allows the users to export selected information, such as changes made during a certain time period and data entries. Those who are using the Premier Accountant versions of QuickBooks, they can even export changes made to any client’s account. It is recommended to follow simple instructions to export data in QuickBooks without any error.


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    Firstly, turn on the computer and wait for Windows to load. You will be asked to provide your control panel password. You will get to the desktop once you enter a valid user name and password. Consider opening the QuickBooks application from the Start menu of your computer. Make sure you are using high speed internet connection as this will help you get the job done efficiently without wasting any of your valuable time.

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    Now go to the QuickBooks File menu and select Open to access your company data. This can be done be placing clicking the File menu and then clicking the Open option. Now return to the File menu and choose the Import/Export feature to start exporting the data. Click on Export and the software will displayed the export wizard.

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    The Export Wizard will guide you through rest of the data exporting process. Follow the screens and provide appropriate data range in the space provided. The software will only process the data that is provided by you in the Export utility. Click Export when you reach the last screen and the data exported during that period will be moved to a new folder.

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    Consider opening the File menu in Premier accountant version of QuickBooks and click on Accountant’s copy. Select View Export Changes option to see the list of changes made to the client’s file. It is recommended to add any notes for your client. This can be done on the same View Export Changes for Client screen. Select Create Change File for Client option and the changes made to the file will become available for emailing or sending purposes.

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