How to Face Paint a Clown on a Child

Painting a clown on a child’s face is definitely a difficult job. But if you know how to do it, it does not take a lot of time. You should be sure that the paints that you are applying on the child’s face are not harmful for his/her skin. Moreover, you should be able to fill up the whole face so that it does not look odd.

Some clowns look nice, while the others look horrible. The one in the Batman movie is definitely not the type of joker you will try to make your child.


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    In order to start you should first pick the base. Since clowns are genuinely white, you should take a white paint and start painting your face. You should paint your child’s face for as long as you want, but be sure that by the time you are done, he/she should not have a single mark of skin on the face, and it should all be white.

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    After you are done applying the base colour as white, you should go for the red paint and try to apply it on the nose and the lips. Clowns usually use red and white as their main colours and you should be able to do it with ease. Make a big red smile on the face of the child, as long as you want – even if you want it to be from ear to ear. However, try to keep it in a normal range because a normal smile looks good on a clown face.

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    Now use the same red colour to pain the nose of the clown. It will not be hard as all you will have to do is to paint the nose of your child red. Make sure you use the same colour which you applied on the lips as another colour will look really odd.

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    Now it’s time to add details to your child’s face. Start off by adding a bit of blush on both the cheeks. Draw two pink circles right on the cheek bones so that your child can have everything that a clown has.

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    Now the only things that your child’s clown-face is missing are the eyes. You should either use a black marker, a black paint or some make-up. Start painting your child’s eyebrows and this is going to be the final touch for your child and it will hardly take you fifteen minutes to paint your child’s face as a clown.

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