How to Fake an Interest in Sports

Some people find sports quite boring and complicated which makes it difficult for them to make an impression in their social circle. If your friends follow sports and feel passionate about them, you must also possess the knowledge of their favourite games. However, if you don’t have any interest in the sports, you will have to fake it.

Faking an interest in sports requires a lot of attention and thought as you have to express your feelings in a manner which looks real. Nevertheless, you can learn how to fake an interest in sports after just a few days of practice.


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    Show interest

    First, you have to show interest in the sport. In order to pull this off, you don't really require any special knowledge. Just be there and go with the flow. For instance, suppose you are watching a cricket match and don’t know what the players are doing on the ground,  just follow the signals of your friends. Show that you are also watching the match with them and have an interest in the game.

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    Be a fan

    It is extremely important for you to pretend that you are a fan of a player or a team in the sport. If you want to show that you are a follower of any specific sport, you must be a fan of someone in a particular team. For example, if you are watching football with your friends or having a discussion with them about it, you must pretend that you are a fan of a team and a footballer. If you don’t know any particular names in the sport, just become a fan of player or sportsman who you know by name.

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    Be attentive

    You must be attentive during the matches, competitions and other sports events while you are with your friends. Moreover, try to grasp things from the comments of your friends in the surroundings. In this way, you will be able to participate in the discussion which will eventually help you in faking an interest in sports.

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    Follow the cheers

    If you are with your friends, follow their cheers and be a part of celebrations. You should never feel shy to express your feelings regarding a particular sport. Just enjoy your time with your friends.

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