How to Fight With a Bamboo Stick

Being able to fight out in the streets is of the utmost importance in today’s society. This is because you never know who you might run into, and you never know who you might have to teach a lesson to.

This is why some people have started to master the arts of fighting with items that you normally wouldn’t fight with.

These include bamboo sticks, which are more commonly associated with pandas and not fights.

However, once mastered, the bamboo sticks can help you unleash a whole lot of beating on any person who crosses the line.


  • 1

    Locate and find a bamboo stick

    The first step to mastering the arts of fighting with a bamboo stick is to find a bamboo stick and make it your own.

    No two bamboo sticks are the same, which is why it is very important to do this part correctly. You need to search far and wide, in order to find the very best bamboo sticks around. You need to make sure that it is unique and that it can withstand a lot of beating.

    In order to ensure that you have the right bamboo stick, hold the stick in your hand and close your eyes, if you can visualize victory, you know you are in business.

  • 2

    Keep distance

    Now with you having a bamboo stick the greatest benefit you have, apart from being able to attract pandas, is the ability to fight off people from a distance. This will allow you to prevent people from invading your personal space, which some rude people tend to do.

    At the same time, you can really mess things up for your opponents from a distance with ease. The stick will allow you to knock them back and forth, as they are stunned by the sheer fact that someone actually decided to attack them with a bamboo stick.

  • 3

    Do random stick flips and other things

    Now another way to really mess up your opponents is to throw random cool stick moves in their faces. You can start twirling the bamboo stick around, as you confuse them to a great extent over just what it is that you are about to do.

    This is not going to be easy, since even the slightest slip up will expose you. Try to remain confident even when you aren’t sure over just what is happening, since being caught out with a bamboo stick as your only weapon of choice is a rather hard thing to explain in the first place.

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