How to File a Claim with the EEOC

The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, is a federal law enforcement agency that aids workers in filing claims for any discrimination suffered at their workplace. The discrimination can be a result of race, colour, religion, sex, disability, origin, retaliation or any other reasons related to biased practices. It was first enacted in 1964 under the Civil Rights Act, with amendments made to the Act to include extensive topics such as protecting rights of bi-sexual people.

The filing procedure is relatively straightforward where a case is opened with the EEOC, which then takes measures and contacts the people in question.


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    Figure out the state laws which apply to your case. Every state will have their own regulations, so you need to know the discrimination laws in your respective states. To find additional information, visit the EEOC website and read their guidelines on various subjects.

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    Determine the time frame of filing a claim. Most charges can be filed within six months from the day or date the discrimination took place. However, the time frame can be extended to up to three months or more in cases related to age discrimination, depending on the anti-discrimination laws of your state.

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    Begin the paperwork by obtaining the necessary documents and materials. This will provide evidence to your case that you indeed were the victim of unjust treatment. Your paper work must include a detailed summary of the incident itself and the type of discrimination you faced – religion, sex etc. Also if you can find eye witnesses for your case, it will certainly hold greater weight-age. Make a list of them, along with their contact numbers. You will also need to obtain information on your employer, who practised such discriminatory behaviour. Your paper work must provide transparency to the case.

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    Choose the appropriate avenue for filing.  The charges can be filed by going to the local office in person. The contact details will be provided on the EEOC website. You can further send charges through mail by submitting all the documents, along with your personal information.

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    After you have filed the charges, you will receive a copy of the case number, which will be proof that the investigation has been started. As for the final result, your case can either be settled outside the court, dismissed or approved.

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