How to File an Insurance Claim Against a contractor

When hiring a contractor, it is recommended to get their Construction Contractors Board License number. A legal document should be written between both parties before hand to avoid any disputes later on. However, if you have a problem with your contractor, his construction contractors’ board license number and a written legal contract will help you file an insurance claim against your contractor.

First talk to the contractor in order to resolve the issue amicably, if he does not agree to your demands, file a complaint with the office, and also get the services of an attorney for the filing of the insurance claim.


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    First of all send your contractor a notice of intent 30 days before filing a formal complaint against him. Save a copy of the letter for future use. Post the letter in the certified category, and keep the copy of the postal receipt. The official website of theConstruction Contractors Board has the format of notice of intent in the pdf format which can be downloaded and printed.

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    Make sure you add the contractor’s basic information and license number in the notice. Then include your name and address, there is no need to give any details of the contract in the notice of intent, but a brief paragraph should be present which explains the nature of the agreement.

    Also add your complete contact information, such as postal address, contact number and the electronic mail id.

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    In case you are having trouble in accessing the forms or the details through the website, you can contact the office through phone or arrange a meeting with some representative.

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    Fill in all the details on the page number 5 of the document. It will ask for your name and contact information, your contractors name and licence number and the basic details about the contract. It should include the details about the work start and end dates, the total amount to be spent on the project, and how much has been paid to the contractor so far.

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    List your complaints on the sixth page. Mention how you feel that your contractor breached the rule of law or the standard of work has been very poor.

    Print two copies of the form, one should be kept by you for safe keeping. Sign the form and attach a copy of the legal contract, notice of intent, and the Postal service receipt with the form.

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