How to File Income Taxes When Selling on eBay

Owners of small online business including EBay businesses often have no idea about how to file taxes on their income. Fortunately, filing income taxes for selling products online is very simple. You will be required to follow some tips and techniques to perform this task effectively. Although the user instructions on Internal Revenue Service’s website provide complete information on how to file incomes taxes online, it is recommended to do your own research to make sure you meet all the requirements. Remember that the procedures do not change regardless of how big or small your business is.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have gathered all the information required to file your income tax online. You will be required to make yourself familiar with the IRS definition for the small businesses. There are several ways of organising your EBay sellers account for tax payments. Partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations and sole proprietorships are some of the options that will be available to you. Numerous new business owners are now taking full advantage of the relatively new type of small businesses also known as Limited Liability.

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    Once you have determined the type your business comes under, you will be required to navigate to the Internal Revenue Service website. Find the services category on the home page and consider downloading the income tax form which can be found on the left hand corner of the page. You will be required to write the name of your organisation on the form. If you do not do that, the IRS will consider your business as unincorporated company with one owner as sole proprietorship.

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    Follow all the instructions printed while completing the form. Failure to submit all sections of the form can result in a fine and therefore it is recommended to take your time when completing the form. Do not forget to fill in the online worksheets. Ask your attorney or lawyer to help you complete these worksheets if possible. Usually, the company responsible for preparing your taxes is responsible for performing all the calculations involved.

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    Make sure you have attached all the required documents before submitting your application. Ensure that you have provided your personal details including your full name, permanent home address, company name and telephone number.

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    You can also get help from an accountant or tax attorney as they are in a better position to guide you with all the technicalities that are involved.

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