How To Fill Up a Gas Tank

Car needs fuel to move and start its engine. It is crucial for you to sustain healthy gas levels in the car to make sure that you don’t stop helpless in the middle of your journey. Hence, you got to fill your gas tank regularly depending on what is suggested by the gas indicator in the car. However, if you are not experienced about how to cope with the equipment at the gas station, a few pointers will prevent the first time embarrassment that has mostly forced a lot of people to make a joke of them. You can either skip this topic and face embarrassment at the gas station or you can follow some simple tips and do it like a pro. It is easy to think that you are capable of handling an awkward situation at gas station but trust me it is extremely embarrassing if you are unaware of how the system works in front of a crowd who will have no other option but to laugh at your misery. So, escape the hassle of facing such a terrible state at a gas station and follow some pointers that will guide you to a safely filled gas tank.


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    Reach the pump at the gas station and park your car with the side of your gas tank facing adjacent to the pump. You should also park the car otherwise but that will require you to make sure that the length of the pipe of the gas pump is  enough to cater to your needs. It is recommended that you save the hassle for yourself by parking adjacent to the gas pump.

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    Pump mostly have instructions stated on them that you need to follow with immense care. You will be asked to choose the form of your payment and then you can detach the gas filler and insert it in your gas tank. Not to forget that you take the gas cap off before inserting the nozzle. Pull the lever of the nozzle as long as it catches the gas.

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    Stay outside your car until the gas has been filled up and the pump is detached from your gas tank because the static electricity that is caused in the progress can result in fire. Don’t jerk the nozzle if it doesn’t come off at the first attempt; do it slowly.

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