How to Find a Good Psychologist

Life in the 21st century has become so hectic and demanding that every second or third person is suffering from anxiety or depression. As per a latest report by the National Institute of Mental Health, almost 25 percent of adults are facing some kind of mental problem, which is an alarming statistic. In such a scenario, psychologists have a huge role to play. However, choosing the right psychologist who fits your needs and can make you feel comfortable is extremely important.

You need to remember that you do not have to be a mental patient to visit a psychologist and normal people should also consult a doctor every now and then regarding their mental health.


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    Ask your friends or relatives

    One of the most recommended ways of finding a good psychologist is asking your friends or close relatives. If any of your family member or friends has ever visited a psychologist, he/she would be in a much better position to advise you in this matter.

    However, some people might be reluctant in sharing their experiences with mental health treatments, since they are mostly related to personal matters.

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    Take reference from your physician

    You general physician must be aware of good practicing psychologists you can visit, and can refer you to an appropriate one.

    Don't hesitant to consult your personal physician and ask for a recommendation. Let your doctor know what exactly you are looking for and he might be able to help.

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    Search online

    You can use internet search to look for medical services available in your locality. Most hospitals and doctors in private practice have websites which summarize the services on offer and provide contact information.

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    Appointment and visit

    If you feel inclined towards a psychologist, you need to call his office and talk to his/her assistant. You might be required to schedule an appointment after stating your issues.

    Once you go visit the doctor, remain positive and let him/her work freely. Do not try and judge the doctor too quickly and allow for a session to be completed before forming any opinions.

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